Canoe Paddle


Polport Wooden Canoe Paddle Pine Mahogany 90-200 cm

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Wooden Premium Paddle Szmaglinski – Polport
Classic wooden pagai, indispensable yacht equipment, sailboats and canoes. Standard proportions are made of pine wood, carefully finished and covered with a clear lacquer that provides resistance to environmental factors. Thanks to the longitudinal gluing technique of many components, users can be rest assured of paddle strength even with high stresses occurring during paddling. Handle and pen enriched with exotic wood inserts. Available with standard grip and T-Grip.

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30 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 150 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm, 140 cm / 55 inch / Folded 2 pcs, 150 cm / 59 inch / Folded 2 pcs, 160 cm / 63 inch / Folded 2 pcs, 180 cm / 71 inch / Folded 2 pcs, 200 cm / 80 inch / Folded 2 pcs


Length   Weight   Diameter   Material
0.30m    0,2kg    10mm     pine, mahogany
0.60m   0,5kg   15mm     pine, mahogany
0.90m    0,7kg    30mm     pine, mahogany
1.20m   0,8kg    30mm     pine, mahogany
1.40m   1,15kg    30mm     pine, mahogany
1.50m   1,20kg    30mm     pine, mahogany
1.60m   1,20kg    30mm     pine, mahogany
1.80m   1,30kg    30mm     pine, mahogany
2.00m   1,40kg    30mm     pine, mahogany